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Jake Brown


Don Laeding

520-906-0165 is the first website in all of the mining industry, and has continued to provide and service the needs of mines, mills, and equipment. Don Laeding, President and CEO of, has been dedicated to the advancement of the mining community for 42 years. Inventing, buying, selling, and servicing equipment, owning, operating, and exploring mines, Don has experienced it all.

Cleveland Electronics Laboratories

Cleveland Electronics Laboratories-Advanced Technologies Group (CEL-ATG) is family owned, with 94 years of thermocouple and sensing solution experience. CEL-ATG’s fiber optic products include Brainy Bolt, Linear and Rotary position Sensors, Position Control Switches, temperature and strain sensors, as well as sensing arrays for various security applications. CEL has always placed the highest importance on serving the needs of customers while focusing on quality, efficiency, and integrity. We are proud to announce, with the backing of CEL-ATG, our new product line of Fiber Optic sensing solutions. This unique fiber optic capability will immediately detect and accurately locate leaks along pipelines, seismic activity and ground shift, and check the integrity of any bolt or bearing throughout the mine and equipment. All sensors are passive, have no electrical components, emit no signals, require no electrical power, and are immune to electrical interference, chemical and degradation due to environmental factors, making them advantages in harsh elements. This system will eliminate the need for repeated visual monitoring and/or less effective monitoring needs that continue to rise in cost. Own multiple mines? Link all information to a single hub and even get text alerts.